My - My Little Pony Journey

How it started

On May 14, 2023, a friend of mine suggested that I should take a look at My Little Pony. To make the entire experience even more thrilling, I am documenting it.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Friendship is Magic, Part 1

After watching 370 different animes, nothing really surprises me anymore. Episode 1? It's bearable in a bizarre way.

Episode 2 - Friendship is Magic, Part 2

Okay, after the second episode, I already have a clue about what's going on: a classical feel-good children's series, with initially a lot of drama and then a happy ending. Let's see how it progresses. I'm not really a fan of the series yet.

Episode 3 - The Ticket Master

The little dragon is fantastic in the German version. However, Pinkie Pie's behavior is a bit strange. I mean, she's too hyperactive. I thought Rainbow Dash would be the ADHD pony; maybe both of them are. Fluttershy is like the quiet kid in class (I hope she doesn't pull a gun in class.). Anyway, she's okay.

In this episode, the story revolves around the Grand Galloping Gala, a big party in Canterlot attended by some wealthy ponies. Twilight gets invited by the princess and receives two tickets. However, all her friends also want to go for their own reasons, causing a friendship dispute. Everyone tries to bribe her. Ultimately, Twilight's friends no longer want to go to the party because the others would be left out. But just seconds after Spike sends the letter to the princess, she replies with seven cards. In the end, everything turns out well. Damn!

Episode 4 - Applebuck Season

Bro, the cows are 💀. Winona, Applejack's dog (pronounced as "Waynowa"), reminds me of a German rap song YouTube. I believe the unicorns are like Jedi from Star Wars, harnessing their power through their horns. It's like when Twilight moves apples through the air... Applejack is down bad in this episode, she could easily work as a hitman, wiping out the entire village. The moral of the story in this episode is that teamwork and friendship can transform chaos into harmony.