KanpaiBook is a platform for intuitive and interactive restaurant table reservations, as well as a management tool for restaurateurs.

25 October, 20232 min read

About the Project

I'm currently developing this project as a final project for the 4th vocational school class at Landesberufsschule 4 in Salzburg. The fundamental idea came to me when I considered the Cineplexx app and how you could reserve or purchase a seat there. With this foresight, I had the idea for KanpaiBook, but for restaurants.

The primary goal was to create a simple platform for customers who want to reserve a table—something like OpenTable, but much more specific, like booking a particular table. However, the project has expanded in recent weeks to the extent that I plan to make it an all-in-one tool for restaurateurs, surpassing existing providers.

As soon as I can publish more, I will announce it here.


In terms of technology, I took strong inspiration from Solun, as this project gave me an entry into React/Express.js. KanpaiBook was developed with the following technologies:

  • NextJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MySQL (MariaDB) - via Prisma
  • Docker


The project is under active development. At the moment, some systems are available on the development server, such as a dashboard and the website. In addition, login/registration and data changes are already functional; CRUD has thus been covered.

It is a very large but also very interesting project for school.

(For those interested: https://kanpaibook.com/)


These are test data and already existing real data. (Still in development.) Dashboard Settings