Solun is a service that allows you to share files, text, and emails with end-to-end encryption.

07 May, 20232 min read

About the Project

I've always wanted to create my own Privnote or an anonymous tool for sending files and messages. With Solun, I've realized this aspiration in a user-friendly manner.

A unique feature of Solun is the ability to choose various security options for messages or files. These options range from low security but high convenience, to very high security but limited convenience. My aim was to give users exactly what they want—and I've successfully achieved that.

Over time, the idea of integrating email functionality came to mind. Since I was already deep into development, it didn't seem too complicated. Therefore, I added a feature that allows users to create an email account similar to those offered by Google, iCloud, or Outlook. While an email client is still in the works, it's definitely on the agenda.

Initially, I wanted to set up an entirely independent mail server. However, my friend pointed out that this would be a massive undertaking and that an established solution already exists. We collectively decided to go with Mailcow.

The technical implementation, including the server and Mailcow, was handled by my friend. You can read his blog post here: Link. This division of labor allowed me to focus solely on developing Solun.

The advantages of Solun include anonymous data processing. This service is fully open-source and does not collect any user data.


  • NextJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Docker


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