ZenHaku is a diary app with a focus on privacy, security, and several unique features.

25 October, 20232 min read

About the Project

Originally, a colleague at work gave me the idea. He pointed out some flaws in Google Keep and expressed the desire for a better solution, including some basic features.

This got me thinking and I kicked off the project. The goal? A minimalist, user-friendly interface and a few unique features.

I can already hear everyone thinking:

Great, Daniel! Another grain of sand on the beach.

Toy Story Clone Meme

But let's wait and see what features I have planned.


  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Sharing of journals
  • Sequential journals
  • Automated time and location details for each entry
  • AI integration that responds based on your entries (ChatGPT, but it knows all your thoughts)
  • Entries can be tagged

...and a few other minor features that are nonetheless impactful.

As the saying goes, ideas are dime a dozen; it's all about execution.


Since I've become quite a fan of NextJS in my other projects since Solun, I had to use it here as well.

  • NextJS
  • MongoDB


So where's my super-cool diary app?

Before anyone thinks I'm the kind of guy who puts projects on ice, let me clarify: They are definitely in the pipeline. (Juggling a 9-to-5 job and personal visions isn't always easy.)